Stainless Steel

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300mm —1200mm x 25mm diameter Sizes 300mm — 1200mm x 32mm diameter

GGP/12A 300MM X 25MM
GGP/12  300MM X 25MM
GGP/13  450MM X 25MM
GGP/14  600MM X 25MM
GGP/15  750MM X 25MM
GGP/16  900MM X 25MM
GGP/17 1200MM X 25MM
GGP/18  300MM X 32MM
GGP/18A  300MM X 32MM angled
GGP/19  450MM X 32MM
GGP/20  600MM X 32MM
GGP/21  750MM X 32MM
GGP/22  900MM X 32MM
GGP/23 1200MM X 32MM
GGP/24 Stainless Steel Lift Up Rail
GGP/25 Stainless Steel ‘L’ Shaped Rail
GGP/25A Stainless Steel ‘U’ Shaped Rail
GGP/25B Stainless Steel ‘L’ Shaped Rail W/C RAIL

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