Professional services to the elderly & disabled

Our services are designed to make your home life more comfortable & less reliant on others

Grafton General Products has been supplying products and services to the elderly and disabled for close to 30 years.

We believe that most people want to stay in their own homes for as long as possible, despite the challenges life throws at them, whether it’s growing old or disabilities that can strike anyone at any time.

We offer a range of services, which includes supplying products to make your home life easier to manage, taking into account your personal circumstances. This includes making minor, but super-useful modifications to your home, or supplying and installing a variety of products designed to increase your independence, safety and mobility around your house.

We install ramps, rails and steps to improve ease of access, bathrooms and toilet rails to assist mobility, and shower hoses, lever taps and non-slip floors to make every day hygiene routines easier, safer and more comfortable.  We can also make minor modifications in your bathroom, which do not cost the earth, but will assist in bathing, and we install bed and chair raises for ease of movement when getting up or sitting down.

All our products are locally made and fully guaranteed, while our friendly and helpful staff will provide fast and prompt service. We are always on hand to offer professional advice and discuss your personal circumstances so we can provide a workable and affordable solution.