Providing home modifications & living aids to the elderly

Allowing the elderly to live in their homes for longer & more comfortably

Grafton General Products provides services and products to the health sector. Our products include everyday living aids and minor home modifications, which make life more convenient and comfortable for the elderly and disabled. Now you can live life to the full in your home, with more independence.

Our extensive list of products includes ramps, rails and easy-access steps, allowing you to move around your home with ease. Our bathroom and toilet rails will assist mobility and increase safety, while our shower hoses, lever taps, non-slip floor solutions and minor bathroom modifications can assist you with bathing and daily hygiene routines. We also provide bed and chair raises, making these easier to access for those with difficulties.

Browse our product list for a range of additional options, designed to make your life simple and easy again. There’s no need to lose your independence in old age. We strive to provide a quality of life and freedom of movement for the elderly. If you have specific needs, we are happy to do a home visit and talk to you about your requirements. We can design and custom build products to suit you and your home’s unique circumstances.

Why Choose Us

We are a small, family-owned business that believes everyone should live in their own home for as long as possible. Many elderly and disabled people move out of their homes because life becomes too challenging.

Not everyone can afford a full time carer, and often land up in homes or facilities before it is absolutely necessary. We believe that with some careful thought, a dash of ingenuity and our range of products and modifications, we can prolong the time that you can live in your house unaided, despite the challenges you might face. We can increase your independence and make life more comfortable and safer at the same time.