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Non Slip Safety Solutions

We have different treatments available for increasing the slip resistance of surfaces. Depending on the surface we can apply either a non slip treatment which is painted onto the surface or non slip tape.

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Non Slip Tape

Non Slip Strips
Non slip tape can be applied to step edges, bath and shower surfaces for an immediate cost- effective anti slip solution. It helps to improve foot grip, safety and visibility in some cases.

Non Slip Treatment

Non Slip Treatment <1.5 mtrs

Non Slip Treatment 1.5 - 6 mtrs

Non Slip Treatment >6 mtrs


We use an acidic based etching solution to carry out all off our non slip treatments. These treatments can be applied to most tiles within bathroom, showers, laundries and any other slippery surfaces.

Our installers will typically prime the floor with water and then apply the solution with a mop, waiting approximately 3-5 minutes for the surfacing to set in before washing it off with water and drying the surface. The process is very quick as the solution is very strong and fast working.

Depending on the surface and how well it is cared for, the treatment can last anywhere between 6 months to two years before needing to be touched up. To ensure that is lasts as long as possible, clients should avoid washing the surface with soap based cleaning solutions.

With this treatment there is a slight chance the treatment can damage or discolour the tiles, however this is rare and is most likely to occur on darker or porcelain tiles - so if the client has tiles of this sort, it is recommended that the treatment be considered carefully. However, in most cases, the treatment is transparent and you will not notice any changes to the tiles.